Prevention of dental diseases

The intensity of the carious process has been growing rapidly in the past decade. We all want to have a beautiful healthy smile, for many years retaining the ability to fully live, eat, enjoy life. In Western Europe, more than 50% of people at the age of 60 have only 4-5 missing teeth. For Belarus, unfortunately, it is still sky-high figures. Many people associate this fact with more developed medicine, a favorable climate, modern toothpastes and a variety of hygiene products. Of course, all this has a favorable effect on dental health, but this was not the main reason for this success. Very important is the desire of people to appreciate and preserve their health. Western Europe culture is aimed at respectful and reverent attitude towards one’s body. In recent years, our Republic has gradually begun to realize it’s own value, a desire to become better has emerged. However, many are confronted with information vacuum, indifference of surrounding people and some specialists.

In dentistry, as in any medical specialty, a big role in preserving dental health is in the observance of a few simple rules by the person himself:

  • Regular thorough cleaning of teeth from plaque by paste with fluoride, thread and mouth rinse aid;
  • Decrease in carbohydrate consumption (sweet), or at least rational absorption (do not eat sweet one hour before sleep, rinse your mouth with plain water after every sweet meal, replace caramels with chocolate sweets, drink tea/coffee without sugar)
  • Regular visits to the dentist, even if nothing bothers you, does not hurt and does not itch.
  • To smile and enjoy life more often.

Today, dentists have tremendous opportunities to preserve the dental health of the population. All that is required from patients is the understanding that healthy teeth are necessary for a full, high-quality and interesting life. To save your teeth for many years of life, you only need to develop a few healthy habits and clearly perform them every day. It takes only 5 to 10 minutes a day and one or two visits to the dentist a year.

Agree, that’s not a lot! In our clinic great attention is paid to prevention. Our specialists will help you to choose the optimal set of preventive procedures, which is necessary for you, and will be happy to answer all questions, both on our website and at the medical reception. Do not hesitate to ask the doctor for oral care, we are always ready to help you.

This is our job!!!

We are happy to share our experience in the field of prevention of dental diseases, as well as provide all necessary services for the professional prevention of dental diseases. A healthy, beautiful smile and a life without toothache helps a person to solve many life problems! Smile more often and receive in return the same beautiful smiles!!!

Our prices

Dental ServicesIndicative cost of services
(In Belarusian rubles, BYN)
Consultation of a dentist ~ 25,0
Radiovisiography 1 tooth ~ 4.02
Dental X-ray of 1 tooth (on the film) ~ 5.32
Panoramic radiography ~ 7.50
Cone-ray computer radiography (3D-image) ~ 71.06
Dental plaque removal (1 tooth) ~ 77
Professional hygiene in the area of one segment (6 teeth) ~ 45.0
Professional whitening Beyond ~ 315.0
Conservative (therapeutic) treatment of periodontal diseases (per course of treatment) ~ 340.0
Splinting teeth using fiberglass materials (for 6 teeth) ~ 600.0
Treatment of caries of teeth ~ 75,0-95,0
Endodontic treatment of the canals of teeth ~ 195.0
Root canal root dissection ~ 50,0-55,0
Restoration using layouts ~ 300.0
Tooth extraction ~ 75.0-150.0
The operation of installing 1 dental implant ~ 700.0
Prosthetic dentistry: per 1 unit of cermet ~ 270.0
Prosthetic dentures: clasp prosthesis ~ 350.0
Prosthetic dentistry: for 1 unit on dental ~ 450.0
Prosthetic dentures: removable denture ~ 225.0
Orthodontic treatment with multibanding systems (bracket system) ~ 300.0


The quoted prices for acquaintance and are not an offer and an obligation of the clinic. The price is calculated at the time of treatment in accordance with the wishes of the patient. Prices will depend on the exchange rate at the time of treatment. The calculation is made in Belarusian rubles according to the price list valid at the time of payment.
The service life and the warranty period for the results of dental work are individual, established by the clinic and depends on the general health of the patient, the type of dental treatment, the design of dentures, the physiological changes occurring in the dental system, including age, on compliance with the recommendations of the treating dental doctor, oral hygiene, and the use of dentures.

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