Fissure sealing

Sealing fissures is a painless way to fight tooth decay.

Children's teeth are very sensitive to the effects of bacteria, which lead to the formation of caries. The reasons are the enamel at the time of teething and for several years after that, as well as improper hygiene. However, the child is not always to blame for the fact that he does not manage to thoroughly clean his teeth. Almost 40% of children have carious in the physiological stores of molars, which are called fissures. These furrows are located between the chewing tubercles, often have bizarre bends. To get rid of pathogens in such places with an ordinary brush is impossible.

To prevent the appearance of caries in erupting permanent chewing teeth, a special dental procedure is performed - sealing the fissures. This procedure is shown only for children, since their immature enamel is most at risk. After the examination and diagnosis, the doctor will fill the fissures with a special composition - a silant - that mechanically prevents contact of the enamel with food, microbes and saliva. The procedure is painless, performed by a dentist without anesthesia. The guaranteed effect persists for 3-5 years.

The ideal time for sealing the fissures is the interval from 3 to 6 months after the full eruption of the chewing teeth (molars or premolars). Since during this time the pathogenic microflora do not have time to fill the fissures. It is becoming increasingly difficult to remove with each month. During the time of finding the silant on the surface of the tooth enamel has time to get stronger, and the child will be able to get used to the regular use of brushes and pastes. The effectiveness of the technique is 90%.

Our prices

Dental ServicesIndicative cost of services
(In Belarusian rubles, BYN)
Consultation of a dentist ~ 25,0
Radiovisiography 1 tooth ~ 4.02
Dental X-ray of 1 tooth (on the film) ~ 5.32
Panoramic radiography ~ 7.50
Cone-ray computer radiography (3D-image) ~ 71.06
Dental plaque removal (1 tooth) ~ 77
Professional hygiene in the area of one segment (6 teeth) ~ 45.0
Professional whitening Beyond ~ 315.0
Conservative (therapeutic) treatment of periodontal diseases (per course of treatment) ~ 340.0
Splinting teeth using fiberglass materials (for 6 teeth) ~ 600.0
Treatment of caries of teeth ~ 75,0-95,0
Endodontic treatment of the canals of teeth ~ 195.0
Root canal root dissection ~ 50,0-55,0
Restoration using layouts ~ 300.0
Tooth extraction ~ 75.0-150.0
The operation of installing 1 dental implant ~ 700.0
Prosthetic dentistry: per 1 unit of cermet ~ 270.0
Prosthetic dentures: clasp prosthesis ~ 350.0
Prosthetic dentistry: for 1 unit on dental ~ 450.0
Prosthetic dentures: removable denture ~ 225.0
Orthodontic treatment with multibanding systems (bracket system) ~ 300.0


The quoted prices for acquaintance and are not an offer and an obligation of the clinic. The price is calculated at the time of treatment in accordance with the wishes of the patient. Prices will depend on the exchange rate at the time of treatment. The calculation is made in Belarusian rubles according to the price list valid at the time of payment.
The service life and the warranty period for the results of dental work are individual, established by the clinic and depends on the general health of the patient, the type of dental treatment, the design of dentures, the physiological changes occurring in the dental system, including age, on compliance with the recommendations of the treating dental doctor, oral hygiene, and the use of dentures.

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