A few years ago the Vector method appeared. The goal of Durr Dental's innovative development was a sparing, painless patient therapy.

The Vector method relies on therapy aimed at the cause of the disease in order to eliminate inflammation of the tissues and thus create a chance to stabilize the tooth. Thanks to the use of hydroxyapatite-containing suspensions (Vector Fluid polish), stones, granulations and plaque can be gently removed to the boundary between the deposits and the surface. At the same time, thanks to the hydrodynamic effect, both the hard tissues of the teeth and the surrounding soft tissues are maximally preserved. With the use of ultrasound systems Vector the only motion is linear, parallel to the surface of the root.

The Vector system allows you to conduct treatment in one visit. This method is less painful than traditional methods and is perceived by the patient as more pleasant. Usually after the final treatment there is no retraction of the gum. In addition, a regular supportive event is needed. Supportive periodontal therapy is recommended after 4-6 weeks, then after 12 weeks, and with persistent remission - 1 time in six months. The Vector machine is much more effective in reducing the depth of the periodontal pockets, allowing better gum attachment compared to conventional methods of treatment. Dental stone, biofilm and bacteria are removed by a thin instrument from the surface of the roots to the very bottom of the periodontal pocket, without damaging small tissues, without the formation of an aerosol. The root surfaces are cleaned and polished using Vector Fluid polish suspensions containing hydroxyapatite particles. The root is cleaned, not "scraped".

The result of treatment with the Vector apparatus is smooth, clean root surfaces and means a reduction in the number of bacteria, which leads to a rapid and successful cure.


Our prices

Dental ServicesIndicative cost of services
(In Belarusian rubles, BYN)
Consultation of a dentist ~ 25,0
Radiovisiography 1 tooth ~ 4.02
Dental X-ray of 1 tooth (on the film) ~ 5.32
Panoramic radiography ~ 7.50
Cone-ray computer radiography (3D-image) ~ 71.06
Dental plaque removal (1 tooth) ~ 77
Professional hygiene in the area of one segment (6 teeth) ~ 45.0
Professional whitening Beyond ~ 315.0
Conservative (therapeutic) treatment of periodontal diseases (per course of treatment) ~ 340.0
Splinting teeth using fiberglass materials (for 6 teeth) ~ 600.0
Treatment of caries of teeth ~ 75,0-95,0
Endodontic treatment of the canals of teeth ~ 195.0
Root canal root dissection ~ 50,0-55,0
Restoration using layouts ~ 300.0
Tooth extraction ~ 75.0-150.0
The operation of installing 1 dental implant ~ 700.0
Prosthetic dentistry: per 1 unit of cermet ~ 270.0
Prosthetic dentures: clasp prosthesis ~ 350.0
Prosthetic dentistry: for 1 unit on dental ~ 450.0
Prosthetic dentures: removable denture ~ 225.0
Orthodontic treatment with multibanding systems (bracket system) ~ 300.0


The quoted prices for acquaintance and are not an offer and an obligation of the clinic. The price is calculated at the time of treatment in accordance with the wishes of the patient. Prices will depend on the exchange rate at the time of treatment. The calculation is made in Belarusian rubles according to the price list valid at the time of payment.
The service life and the warranty period for the results of dental work are individual, established by the clinic and depends on the general health of the patient, the type of dental treatment, the design of dentures, the physiological changes occurring in the dental system, including age, on compliance with the recommendations of the treating dental doctor, oral hygiene, and the use of dentures.

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