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The obligatory medical Insurance of foreigners and apatrides temporarily staying or temporarily living in the Republic of Belarus is introduced in order to provide you with protection and ultimate comfort while you are staying in our country.

The insurance policy will provide you with first aid and emergency treatment free of charge in a state medical institution up to 10 000 Euro.

Following the legislation of the Republic of Belarus compulsory health insurance policy insurance may be issued after crossing the State border of the Republic of Belarus or during your stay in the Republic of Belarus.

If you become ill or have got injury please give a telephone call 103 or visit the nearest  state medical institute. The first aid and emergency treatment will be free for you — the insurance company will pay for this.

The medical aid, which is not first and emerging is to be paid on the territory of the Republic of Belarus and can be covered by the voluntary medical insurance.

The insurance rates of the obligatory medical Insurance depend on the terms of insurance and are stated in euro.

For more information on health insurance for foreign citizens and stateless persons temporarily staying or temporarily residing in the territory of the Republic of Belarus, you can find out on the websites of insurance companies:


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